Friday, December 02, 2005

We Got Snow...

It’s snow, man!

This is what our backyard looked like on Tuesday. If there had been just a teeny bit more covering on the ground and I was a little less dizzy, I would have made a snow angel for you. We had another light dusting this morning and the weather channel promised more this weekend. Not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the white stuff, you can be sure of that.

Sarah enjoyed the snow. The house is a little too warm for her so she lounged around on the rooftop, soaking up the snowflakes. I think she's missing her penguin friends at the south pole.


Dec. 5th & 6th is when Christmas is traditionally celebrated in the Netherlands. Our celebration goes something like this:

K drives to the HOLLAND SHOPPING CENTRE and buys Dutch cookies, chocolate letters and salted licorice for us and the rest of his family. We eat our share then buy more chocolate and other goodies for the Dec. 25th celebration. urp…

On the needles...

I’ve been working on next year’s donations for the Knit for Kids program. When K took my knitted goodies into Lewiscraft, he was told they’d collected over 1,100 hats and were aiming for a goal of 1,300 by the end of the month. I’ve started next year’s contributions. Sarah is guarding 3 of them.

This is one of the H2O HATS I love to knit because they work up so quickly with 3 strands of worsted yarn and fat needles. Easy peasy and toasty warm:

I would like to knit something more adventurous, like a sweater or a pair of socks, but those dreams are on hold until my woolly brain catches up with my ambition.

22 Days to Christmas...

You can visit SANTA’S SITE at the North Pole and play some games. Speaking of games, here's an ELF SNOWBALL FIGHT to keep you occupied (or waste your time).

Sarah is working on another hat from my scrap yarn so I'll say goodbye for us and wish you a peaceful week. See you next Friday.

“Don't despair over the darkness that is beyond your control.
Instead, shine your own light so brightly that the darkness
is overwhelmed.”
~Ralph Marston