Friday, September 02, 2005

A quiet week...

A little knitting, some listening to books and watching movies and a whole lot of sleeping; that was my week and Sarah's too. K was busy as always - some hallway work and lots of bike riding and photo shoots. In between all this excitement we managed to have our computer pumped up with more memory and a dvd writer.


This hat was a simple garter stitch pattern but I managed to complicate it. The design called for knitting back and forth but I thought I would avoid having to sew a seam so I chose to use circular needles.

It wasn’t until I’d finished a row or two that I realized garter stitch on circulars does not convert to knitting every round; instead I had to purl every other row. Dum de dum dum. Live and learn. It’s knit with two strands of worsted weight yarn and a 6mm (US10) 16” circ to create a very warm noggin cover:

Sarah was helping me choose yarn for a scarf and before I knew what was happening, she’d taken over the knitting; probably a good thing because I’m not having much luck, knitwise.

I finished a scarf yesterday that I’d been knitting on for two weeks. It took me 36 attempts - that’s how many times I ripped it back because of mistakes. I know I should have stopped after 5 or 10 goofs because by the time I'd finally completed this scarf, I couldn't stand the sight of it; that's why there's no picture.

A photo of our hydrangeas at the height of summer. The blooms are slowly fading to their autumn tinge. Soon they'll be ready to cut and collect in jars to brighten our winter days. The bird feeder is one my dad made for me many years ago. It has rusted through in spots and isn't used anymore but I keep it for the memories.

Last year I picked a bloom and placed it on my scanner to show the deep purply/blue colour changes:

K took these photos on a walk through our nature park this week. The sumacs are already donning their autumn foliage:

Winter Berries:

Ribbit, ribbit...

That's all for this week, friends. Sarah and Furball say goodbye and hope to see you next Friday.

"We're all here on a big rock, zippin' around a bad star for no good reason. We don't know where we came from, we don't know where we're going, we don't know how long it's gonna last and we keep having to go to the bathroom."
~George Carlin