Friday, August 26, 2005

Last Days of Summer...

Sarah hasn't been doing much this past week except lying around. I think it’s the heat. Her ears tend to go limp with the humidity. I've been keeping her company.

Fall is just around the corner here on the west coast. It's cooler at night and a bit chilly first thing in the morning. The shadows are longer in our yard and the sun is setting earlier. Squirrels are busy searching for peanuts they stored away in the early summer and the birds are flocking to the feeders in record numbers. The air has that crisp cool feeling and smell that says Autumn is not far away.

Reno Land...

K has been making excellent progress on the hallway and next week he should be applying the first undercoat of paint. It's going to be a beautiful hallway some day soon. We changed our minds on the ceramic flooring and will probably go for lino or regular tiles. Either way, we'll have someone else do the installation. Not much to see in the photo, which is a little blurry because I was wobbly at the time. You can spot the grizzly bear in the background, guarding our living room.

Another hat off the needles and ready to warm a child’s head. I used this SEED STITCH HAT FOR CHILDREN pattern and changed the design a little:

That’s all the knitting I’ve done this week.

Steveston harbour:

One of the unique houses along River Road:

Some of our flowers are starting to lose their lustre and wilt from the constant sunshine but these petunias are still glowing and growing:

This is a portion of the view from our back patio:

I am so grateful for that 20 foot hedge. When we moved here 13 years ago it was just a bitty bunch of shrubs and the people in the house behind could look down on us from their upstairs patio. Thankfully it didn’t take long for the cedars to grow and now our backyard is private,except when our neighbours are having their cedar roof replaced and a skylight installed.

This visitor caused quite a fuss with the resident sparrows and chickadees. We think it's a sharp-shinned hawk:

Sarah reminded me that she had been busy this week. Here she is knitting a small blankie for her friend, Ookpik:

I made Ookpik the Snowy Owl from a kit about 20 years ago.

120 Days Until Christmas...

I've noticed a lot of bloggers talking about their Christmas knitting projects. Some knitters have lists so long it makes me exhausted just to read all the projects they have planned. I can't understand why they put themselves through so much stress. The only stuff I knit for Christmas presents are some dishcloths for my friend who likes them and of course a few wee gifties for Sarah and the teddies.

This ceramic tree was crafted by my mom many years ago and it graces our table every Christmas:

So, another long-winded post has come to an end. I always start out the week with nothing to say and by Thursday I'm panicking because I've made no progress on the draft, yet somehow by Friday I've managed to talk myself senseless yet again.

Sarah & the Bunny Gang say goodbye and hope to see you next Friday.

“Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”
~Henry James