Friday, July 29, 2005

The Other Tour...

Last year K volunteered to help out with crowd control at the Gastown Tour but this year he wanted the opportunity to take some action shots. Here are a few of the highlights:

This was the start of the women's race:

Fans on the rooftops of the Gastown buildings:

and here's the happy cyclist himself:

Work, Work, Work...

Our hallway renos have moved along fairly quickly in recent weeks. We're now at the last half of the hall and there's less work in this area. K has beaded the edges of both doorways and thrown lots of white goop on the walls. Woohoo! We may have a completed hallway before Christmas, you just never know.

In between sanding and gooping on the hallway, K has been painting the outside of his workshop and repairing/painting the door that links to our backyard. With the hot weather the paint is drying in record time:

It's not all about work though. K is still zooming places on his bike and spending fun hours in his workshop. Here's an inside view of the shop with another bowl on the lathe. Good thing he has an efficient dust collection system:

This is my version of Bonne Marie Burns' KMA BUTTONHOLE SCARF. I used two yarns from the Big Yarn Haul, one a chunky weight mohair and the other a dk weight cotton with slubs; very soft and cozy. I had to go down a needle size from the pattern (size 7mms - no US equivalent) and I cut the number of stitches from 26 to 22 in order to get the proper gauge and size. I must be a loose knitter because when I followed Bonne Marie's instructions my scarf was 8" across. Anyhoo, here's the finished product:

What a great design and easy peasy to knit up. The scarf sits nicely around the neck and the buttonhole doesn't grow bigger from use like some patterns I've tried. It's a good size scarf to tuck inside a coat. I plan to make more of these one day.

Furball loves his KMA scarf:

Sarah's keeping cool in the flower basket...

Sarah and little Ted hope you have enjoyed your visit. Be sure to come back next Friday because Sarah is going to be writing the post while I take a break.