Friday, April 28, 2006

A Good Yarn...

Mr. Postman dropped off a very large box of yummy yarns this week from my knitting wizard friend. Sarah is overwhelmed… I’m in the mood for something different after all those hats and scarves, so I’ll be knitting a blanket for PROJECT LINUS with the yellow Patons Canadiana. I should have something to show you next week.

I've completed my Dulaan knitting - 45 items, way more than I ever thought I could knit - woohoo! Some photos of the most recent projects…

I knit a cloth from Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in a new colour called Beachball Blues. A friend likes these cloths for washing her face and asked for one with a smooth finish on one side so I've used stockinette stitch with a seed stitch border.

I’ve been watching THE FORSYTE SAGA on DVD, a 1967 British series spanning the years from 1879 to 1926 (black & white). I love this show. The acting is sooo dramatic at times but the characters are fascinating and the producers knew how to create a cliffhanger at the end of each episode.

We have a new addition to our household. He's a shabby old mouse with stubby little arms but oh so cute....

Before you go, check out Sabrina at KNIT BLOG. Sabrina is a retired greyhound and was recently adopted. I love watching her play with the hedgehogs when she isn’t busy modelling her new wardrobe. ps: there's lots of great knitting photos at this site too.

See you next Friday. I hope your week is a peaceful one.

“Did you ever stop to think and forget to start again?”
~Winnie the Pooh