Friday, January 26, 2007

Small knits...

My knitting energy is focused on cloths. I've been using up the cotton ball leftovers with the Feather & Fan Stitch, knitting 4 repeats in a dark solid, 4 in a variegated and 4 in a light colour. When I'm done I have only a few inches of yarn left on each ball.

Here I knit a border top and bottom in the light blue. The middle is two different balls of variegated in coordinating colours.

Another variation using leftover yellows and blues.

These colourful booties were created by my sister-in-law Karen for her wee granddaughter. She was able to knit two pairs from one skein of sport weight yarn (Astra).

She also stitched up two sleep sets with matching hats and knitted washcloths.

and no, her talent has not rubbed off on me.

Last of the snow...
This photo was taken a week ago. Since then we've had buckets of rain and now we are in the midst of some glorious sunshine. The weather person is promising snow for next Friday, but I won't hold my breath.

Ok, you took my picture, now please feed me....

I've been watching some movies and listening to some stories and each week I intend to share them with you but then I start yakking about knitting and other stuff and I run out energy before I can post the reviews. Maybe next week.

“I dream’d that, as I
wander’d by the way,
Bare Winter suddenly
was changed to Spring…”
~Percy Bysshe Shelley