Friday, March 10, 2006

Heads Up...

K built me another head to model my hats. This one is slightly larger so I can go up a hat size. Two new hats and the 3x3 rib scarf completed. Tiny Ted is checking to see if all 3,000 yarn ends are sewn in.

The pink and mauve scarf is finished and is a fairly good match for the hat.

Since November 1st, I've knit 20 hats for the Dulaan Project in Mongolia and I'm hoping to reach 30 by June 1st. I also need to knit some scarves and neckwarmers. Time to scrounge more yarn.

I can show you one little bit of our yard today. The blossoms are blooming on one bush but elsewhere all is quiet, waiting for springier weather.

I did spot a funny looking character hanging around the bird feeder.

Snow on March 10th. I love this.

Sarah was thrilled and insisted on taking her friends outside to make snow angels.

She looks happy enough, considering all I've put her through the past few months.

And that is all for today, dear reader. I must go play with my friends in the snow. See you next Friday. I hope your week is a peaceful one.

”When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am older, I admire kind people. “
~Abraham Joshua Heschel