Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A New Month, A New Blog...

Hello dear readers. I hope you like our new home.

I have been knitting a fair bit recently - and ripping back even more. I managed to finish this hat from a skein of fuzzy purple mohair I found hiding in a remote corner of my stash.

Bobby Bear is showing off his knitted sweater:

This next project is one I completed awhile ago. The yarn was donated to me from a friend who picked it up at a yard sale. It was the strangest colour combination, sort of a 70's flashback to orange and brown. I wore this wrapped around me while I was sitting up in bed listening to my stories.

I say 'wore' because it's now living in the bottom of the garbage bin, waiting for the sanitation engineers to take it away. Either the yarn was so ancient it had lost its resilience or it was very fragile. I think there was a lot of wool content in the fibres so it could have even been eaten by moths. I noticed holes appearing in the surface just weeks after I started using it. It wasn't long before the shawl looked so ratty even I had to give up on it.

Here's a close-up of the yarn. Doesn't it look like the surface of the moon? Or a very old pizza…

I also knit this little teddy bear. He’s a simple bear from an easy pattern at THIS site.

He’s my first attempt at knitting a toy so yes, there’s lots of room for improvement. I did change the pattern some. I never can follow a pattern from start to finish without making some adjustment. I have to put my stamp on the process, even if it screws everything up. I knit the ears separately and sewed them in place. Of course since I took this picture I’ve already altered them several times. My knitting is a work in progress.

K came across these turtles on one of his cycling jaunts. They live in the dyke area adjacent to a busy subdivision. There’s a walkway right close to the platform they’re resting on and people stop regularly to watch them doing nothing much.

It must have been a slow day. He also found this little guy just hanging out.

Our backyard on one of the most glorious sunny days we’ve had in awhile.

A Furry Visitor...

Actually, he's not a visitor. He's living in our backyard, or rather, in the bushes in our backyard - him and his missus and possibly by now 4 or 5 baby raccoons, or however many babies they produce at one go. Mostly they hide away during the daylight hours but I guess they're hungry and thirsty right now. Hide your kittycats, neighbours...

Our resident crows, George and Martha, are not happy with the newest addition to our wildlife menagerie. They caw incessantly, hoping to scare Rocky away but he's impervious to their threats. When I opened the back patio door to take this picture, he look at me as if to say 'hurry up, take your damn photo and be done with it'. He continued drinking, ate a few of my flowers and toddled off to the back forty for a midafternoon nap.

I’m hoping to post once a week,usually on Fridays, but that could change at any time. Everything depends on my energy level - and the vertigo.

Sarah says goodbye ‘til next time.

Language... has created the word "loneliness" to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word "solitude" to express the glory of being alone.
~Paul Johannes Tillich, The Eternal Now